Puffin’ Muffins

Yes, (as all Singaporeans are proud of), Singapore is the food paradise. People tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, tumblring about food all day all night long. So, here I am, embarking on this food journal, ‘keeping track’ of my food hunts on mission or by luck.

After interviewing as a part-time barista/sandwich maker at Made By Lauren Jasmine (I guess I clinched it! Much thanks to the bird who decided to drop her poop on me as I walk out of lecture earlier, hahaha ) & since it’s nearby, I decided to check out Muffinry, which I hear so many good words for their puffin’ muffins!

If you don’t keep your eyes open, you might just missed it along Telok Ayer Street. A cosy cafe to hang out with your friends over a cup of coffee/tea & of course, pairing it with a muffin of your choice. Power points & Wifi’s available, ultimate plus points, hahaha

My pick was the Chocolate Banana Walnut muffin, together with (the interesting) Iced Rose Bud tea. I got the muffin warmed up but it’s still fluffy and moist in the mouth when it’s cooled. (Pardon me for the kinda-blur photo!)


What caught my intriguing eye was this,


m3m4m5It’s a customer loyalty programme by Muffinry. For the first cup of coffee you purchase, you’ll be given a test tube, a coffee bean & a tag (which you get to customise it your very own!). Subsequently, for every cup of coffee you buy, you’ll get another coffee bean, so…you just gotta fill the test tube up & enjoy a cup on the house!

I really wanna own a test tube too, but too bad I discovered this after I ordered my Rose Bud. And I do not wanna spill coffee over my Mac again, hahaha Anyhow, I’m excited for Night Festival tonight at Singapore Art Museum with Zixin, Eugene & hopefully, Samuel. Till we puff again!

[Dated Aug 24, 2012]


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