‘Our culture’s obsession with vintage objects has rendered us unable to separate history from nostalgia. People want heart. They want a chaser of emotion with their aesthetics.’ – Sloane Crosley

When I was young, I didn’t know the word ‘vintage’ but I always do have a thing for something old, used or even worn. What calls out to me was the story, the sentimental value behind every unique piece, be it a necklace, ring, dress, hat, vase, brooch etc. Our thoughts, memories and experience can ablaze something as insignificant as a gem stone with life. Perhaps, with influence from my mum, I’m quite a nostalgic one. P.S. I do wear my mum’s clothes, bags, accessories and take real good care of them. You won’t ever get to see them anywhere around now!

Yesterday, Samuel & I happened to be on a vintage streak. Along our journey, we finally checked out Dulcetfig & the Atom Rings that I’m dying to get! I’ve been wanting to visit this beautiful, little vintage store for the longest time ever.

AG by Amado Gudek is a diffusion line under Amado Gudek. Always believing that art should be accessible, Amado Gudek explores ways to create a special range that is gorgeous but still pocket-friendly.  All pieces in AG by Amado Gudek are cast by hand, but in ready-made molds, bypassing the tedious process of handsculpting and mold-making. Yet occasionally, several simple shapes are hand-sculpted too! As such, the rawness is always captured in the serendipitous mix of colors. It is conceptualised by elements of nature transformed into oddities, with a focus on texturing and an atypical twist in the symbolic play of colours.”

I spent a good whole half an hour debating with myself over the colors I should get, totally spoilt for choice. You can’t imagine how thrilled I am, say ‘hello’ to these hexagon beauties!

And just so you know, Dulcetfig is having Great Singapore Sales (GSS) too. For these precious, they are going on 15% off S$29 each.

2013-06-16 01.59.52-1Amado Gudek – Sculptured Jewelry
‘Art jewelry sculptured & cast by hand. Conceived by a love for intricate detailing & texturing. Triggered by a chain of reactions & a spate of events.’

2013-06-16 02.00.57-1Lavender Candy
Atom Ring (Left)

2013-06-16 02.00.20-1

2013-06-16 02.01.08-1Cloud 9
Atom Ring (Right)

Vintage tops, dresses, bags, earrings we all couldn’t get enough! Not to mention, the friendly purrs making the whole shopping experience lovelier (spot the gorgeous four cats walk their talk!).

All of us have a sentimental yearning for some moments, places, things, acquaintances belonging to the past. That is nostalgia.


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