Love and its Achilles Heel

Achilles heel, as defined, a weakness or vulnerable point.

“Love and its achilles heel,
When two succumb to it,
All goes down to crumbs.

Every ship no doubt,
Have a missing or weak relation.
When no amends are made,
It sinks like a submarine,
And never float again.

It scares when realisation dawns,
That time doesn’t strengthen,
Nor persevere love.
It may mean nothing at all.

What is the basis of love?
What is the unit of measurement?
Can it even be measured?

Love is a feeling.
Put a hold over it, not.
A contradiction.
The  more words you use,
The more control you leash,

You love when you hate,
You hate when you love.

Love gives you courage,
Yet fear for the loss of courage.
Nonchalance hits you with nostalgia,
No formula to prove,
No shield against judgments.

One’s immense,
The influx of heart,
To feel.

Love puts us at peace,
But a disastrous aftermath,
If it all goes down.

Unknown, unexpected.
Enlightening, surprise.
No bounds,
Or comparison.

Love and its achilles heel.”

– oddsnquirks

  1. Very very interesting blog. I read this blog. Thank you for making this blog…

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