Night & its Ambiguity

Ambiguity, as defined, doubtfulness, uncertainty of meaning or intention, vagueness.

“Night and its ambiguity,
It’s half past one, A.M.

At the wee of hours,
Or night late,
Thoughts scream the loudest,
The wildest,
Puzzling an organised mess.

Dreams put on hold,
For sleep can’t fill those lids heavy.

It’s thought so to be, yet.

Embrace the night,
Everything of ambiguity.

Let the colors and imagination flow,
Never cease.
Duly for me to know,
For you to explore.

The abstracting meaning stays,
Gold and true.

What if and may not be?
What will but can be?

Questions queue,
Answers wait,
Of a thousand possibilities,
For your own picking.
It frustrates, yes.
So open your arms,
Your heart,
Find the peace.

Listen deep within,
Night and its ambiguity.”

– oddsnquirks


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