Chye Seng Huat Hardware

2013-06-15 14.19.49After the all-of-a-sudden much rave on Facebook and Instagram, Samuel and I finally got our dose of Saturday-cafe-hop to Chye Seng Huat Hardware! It’s not hardware shop but a cafe. CSHH is Papa Palheta‘s (the independent coffee boutique/roaster we all heard of) new flagship store. This new establishment houses their roastery, coffee bar and a ‘glasshouse’ specially for slow bar, which they call it the C-platform. Samuel & I were very impressed by the cafe’s concept and aesthetics – traditionally modern, simply sophisticated (note the fusion of contrasts, pretty cool). I shall let the pictures do the talking!

2013-06-15 14.20.09I can’t help but to take this picture and caption “What lies behind this mysterious-ness?”, hahaha
2013-06-15 14.25.38Loved how they trace the coffee apparatus and create a ‘display’ out of the glass panel!
2013-06-15 14.24.182013-06-15 14.24.34 copy“My mother told me to choose my coffee wisely” and yes, this is the menu. For a moment, we were at a loss on how to order our coffee. There’s no latte, cappuccino, americano or long black, just merely ‘espresso + water’, ‘espresso + milk’, a break down of the beverage. I was like ‘cool!’ till I ordered an ‘espresso + milk’, the barista asked ‘oh, you want a latte?’ and I went confused ‘oh, okayyyyyyy,’ hahaha Condiments and iced water are self-service, with vintage disc player and other decorations adorning the table.
2013-06-15 14.33.54

2013-06-15 14.26.02my latte
2013-06-15 14.31.43ham omelette, baked beans, salad, toast
2013-06-15 14.33.23scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans, toast
2013-06-15 14.53.45 copy2013-06-15 14.54.02hazelnut ginger tea cake
– I do love the ginger nutty aftertaste, but it didn’t really appeal to Samuel, still worth a try! (We were too full from the brunch sets to devour this completely.)
2013-06-15 14.54.17jungle beer – This is what I was anticipating and one of the main reasons why I wanna go CSHH, coffee beer!! We had a total of 2 pints along with one latte/cappuccino each, and a definite caffeine rush after, hahaha It’s just so easy to drink and duper refreshing (Y) Was wondering if they used the cold brew method to infuse the coffee into Asahi beer instead of water?
2013-06-15 14.59.23Geddit geddit?
To complete any café concept or theme, efforts shouldn’t be compromised when it comes to the restroom and they totally clinched it.
2013-06-15 15.23.51‘beat the heat with galvanised ale’
2013-06-15 15.23.472013-06-15 15.23.57Hahaha, so does it mean customers don’t have to?
2013-06-15 15.15.37CSHH also have event collaborations with the art, design, film and media, so you can always keep a look out for what’s up and coming!

Their service was good and baristas actually went table by table to ask ‘how was the food’. We will definitely be back to try their desserts and ice coffee (in a ‘medicine’ bottle!). A good weekend expedite for a surprise element.

Thank you very much to make it till the end and hope you enjoyed this write-up, feel free to like or leave a comment! (;


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