I enjoy meeting my old friends, catching up, hearing how they’re doing, updates about anything and everything in life, especially since we graduated and moved on into our different walks of life. (If I’m not wrong) About a week ago, Celest and I met up at Orchard Ion after work – me delightfully satisfying my craving for Tori Q and Takopachi whilst Celest watched me eat, going on about her life (it’s not like I’m starving her, she was bursting from the endless buffet at Marriott Hotel. The conference she organised was held there.) Anyways, after which, she was insistent in bringing me to this somewhere special, sort of ‘surprise’ to make me happy or rather, happier, because it lifted her moods tremendously when she first saw ‘it’. And, I wonder what…

2013-06-17 21.18.29

2013-06-17 21.18.37YES YES YES, it’s a room filled with many, many, many blue balloons!!

2013-06-17 21.21.31
“First, Love” is a site-specific installation consisting of 10,000 (can you believe it?!) blue balloons. The audience (children and adults alike) are invited to wade through the balloons then sketch out how the feel afterwards on material provided (It’s so cool! Too bad for me, I was there when the visiting hours are closed.) Through this artwork, Draw aims to remind us that happiness can always be found in simple things around us (which is so true). Admission is free, and the balloons do pop, hahaha

2013-06-17 21.19.18The security guard told us that as the days past and the balloons pop (due to people walking through it or on its own), the ‘balloon-scape’ constantly changes, random shapes mimicking those of clouds in the sky!

2013-06-17 21.19.02Peter Draw is a local (Singapore) artist, drawing to change the world [我努力用自己的方式拯救生命]. “As a child, I dream about seeing a great Artist who because of his drawings, the world became a little different. If I don’t get to see this Artist, then I’ll be this Artist. We can’t protect every child. But for those we can, we must. This is why I draw.”

2013-06-17 21.20.39

Very inspiring, and it indeed made my day!

2013-06-17 21.21.00
Above: “Look At Me, Look At You” is the digital drawing of the unlimited facial expressions we had not to long ago. How many facial expression do you wear everyday?

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  1. Just came across this 🙂 thank you, and i’m glad you loved it 🙂

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