Hello there & welcome to the humble words of apple crumple, oddsnquirks!

My name is Michelle, nice to meet you & how do you do.

Odds [ɒdz] (noun, plural) 

1. In every possible way, unquestionably

Quirks [kwûrkz] (noun, plural)

1. An individual peculiarity of character
2. A sudden turn or twist

Wonder what oddsnquirks mean?

oddsnquirks; odds-n-quirks (?) [noun, verb]

  1. The word edition of Apple Crumple’s Thoughts & Inspiration Collection
  2. The oddities and perks in life, at times with a quirky tinge
  3. The online journal of yours truly


  1. To have fun and ‘laugh’ life
  2. To keep track of food hunts, on mission or by luck
  3. To appreciate life of different paths


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  2. Apple Crumple (Tumblr)
  3. Apricot Caramon (Facebook)
  4. Bananutwall (Twitter/Instagram)

A quaint love for vintage, quirks, art, words, colors, patterns, collars, sleeves, socks, opposites of nature, museums, dreams, moments, differences…So on & forth, the list goes on.

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