‘Juice’ The Brain

Ambiguity, as defined, doubtfulness, uncertainty of meaning or intention, vagueness.

“Night and its ambiguity,
It’s half past one, A.M.

At the wee of hours,
Or night late,
Thoughts scream the loudest,
The wildest,
Puzzling an organised mess.

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Achilles heel, as defined, a weakness or vulnerable point.

“Love and its achilles heel,
When two succumb to it,
All goes down to crumbs.

Every ship no doubt,
Have a missing or weak relation.
When no amends are made,
It sinks like a submarine,
And never float again.

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I’m hitting my big 21 this year and I’ve stumbled upon a lot of articles on the things you should be embracing/doing during your 20s, how being single is better than in a relationship during this life phase, but I am actually happily in love, as clichΓ© as it sounds. It shook me a while and caught me off guard, overwhelmed me a little till I sort my thoughts out. And I’ve decided to share my thoughts with people out there who actually felt the same way as I do. No worries, ‘not all hopes are lost’!

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I was so excited while researching on the future of books for our presentation. Personally, I love reading. All kinds of novels, a book lover. As much as I love the physical feel & smell of books, we can’t deny that books are digitising, with e-books on the rise. Change is inevitable with technology advancement.

Google’s goal to digitise world’s books in 10 years’ time; Amazon Kindle Lending Library (where people can “borrow” books online to read on their e-books); The closure of Borders & other bookstores out there; Improvements & affordable prices of e-books; What will be the future of books?

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