‘Juice’ The Brain

I’m hitting my big 21 this year and I’ve stumbled upon a lot of articles on the things you should be embracing/doing during your 20s, how being single is better than in a relationship during this life phase, but I am actually happily in love, as cliché as it sounds. It shook me a while and caught me off guard, overwhelmed me a little till I sort my thoughts out. And I’ve decided to share my thoughts with people out there who actually felt the same way as I do. No worries, ‘not all hopes are lost’!

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I was so excited while researching on the future of books for our presentation. Personally, I love reading. All kinds of novels, a book lover. As much as I love the physical feel & smell of books, we can’t deny that books are digitising, with e-books on the rise. Change is inevitable with technology advancement.

Google’s goal to digitise world’s books in 10 years’ time; Amazon Kindle Lending Library (where people can “borrow” books online to read on their e-books); The closure of Borders & other bookstores out there; Improvements & affordable prices of e-books; What will be the future of books?

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